What is it?

The earlier a stakeholder intervenes in the legislative or decision-making process, the higher the probability of success. If nothing has been publicly outed, policymakers can indeed rather easily change their positions without taking the risk of losing face. Contributing to the improvement of the legislative and regulatory environment should ideally be as upstream as possible. In addition, this benefits both the company, the NGO or the industry association which are behind, but also policymakers who can collect the expertise and input they need. Each, in its own way, improves the framework in which the economy works. Influences & Reputation helps you achieve your objective by working on your proactive approach (whom, how, when, where, etc.). Each situation being specific and unique, the action plan therefore varies from one objective to another. Our services are tailor-made and our strategies / tactics never copied from one to another.

Case study

The French beekeepers were hit hard by the competition from industrial honey makers. They managed to identify the legal loophole which they thought placed them in an unfavorable position. French law required only to specify the European origin or not of honey. The rest of the information on the label was unclear and no compositional requirements had been put in place. The stakeholders of the sector outreached to the parliament and the government. The result was a bill passed shortly after. The objective, achieved, was twofold: reinforcing the transparency as to the composition of honeys sold in France, and supporting the French beekeepers’ business via this greater clarity.