What is it?

Reducing uncertainty (which is a huge vulnerability factor) is a key issue for every stakeholder. Obtaining information on a given subject is therefore crucial, moreover in a strong competitive world where it is better to obtain this information before the others. What is at stake is the ultimate impact on your tunover or your efficiency. Effectively dealing with potential threats, or identifying opportunities as soon as they arise, make the monitoring exercice crucial for you. Influences & Reputation knows the importance of “knowing before the others” and we do offer gold services tailored to our clients and their needs so that you gain in responsiveness and credibility.

Case study 1

A leading international company in the technology sector founds out that most of its competitors have gained the support of the Ministry for Economic Affairs, in a certain country: it has been agreed behind closed-doors that a legal provision will soon be published by these policymakers. The upcoming decree would look neutral and allegedly benefit consumers. But a thorough investigation would show in reality that this legal provision aims at protecting the domestic players and indirectly distorts competition (to the detriment especially of international players). The information is not yet public. Because it caught the information very quickly and before it became viral, the multinational company lobbied the relevant policymakers and convinced them to not put forward that provision.

Case study 2

A company in the road transport sector discovers that the European Commission will soon organize a public event on the topic of road safety in the freight sector. This carrier immediately contacts the Commission services and, presenting himself as an expert, suggests to intervene during this round table to discuss the (effective) measures put in place by and for its drivers. The Commission agrees and this enables the company to establish a strong partnership with the European authorities, which increases its reputation and its media exposure, its legitimacy in its sector, while increasing its attractiveness to its customers and prospects. This marketing campaign was for free! And being informed almost in real time has secured stronger revenues for this truck company.

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