What is it?

In terms of public affairs and influence, the moto “one is never better served than by himself” is irrelevant and false. This is at least the conviction of our firm. This obviously depends on the context, but it is clear that the interests of any stakeholder will often be better defended and promoted by a third party. Influences & Reputation therefore works actively with you to identify all those who can relay your messages and identify with your issues. They may be academics, consumer associations or traders, bloggers, think tanks, local federations, public authorities indirectly linked to the file, parliamentarians, etc. Everyone remains fully free and independent, obviously, but setting up a nework or an ad-hoc coalition can surely improve your success.

Case study

A non-profit child welfare association is working to make the Internet and social media better controlled. It also aims at making any commercial transactions impossible, regardless of the geographical location. The means and impact of this association are limited when working one. By formally and informally working with third parties, the association strengthened its legitimacy, its credibility, its effectiveness and ultimately defended the protection of children much more effectively. Among the third parties with whom partnerships have been established: police and gendarmerie services, Internet monitoring systems, other child protection associations, payment systems, a European public institution…