What is it?

In order to better reach its goal(s) and before initiating any relationship with public authorities, a stakeholder must be able to understand its interlocutors and its legislative / regulatory environment. Influences & Reputation offers training on the institutional functioning of French and European administrations, as well as on the various decision-making bodies. Main topics include, inter alia, a presentation of the different institutions, the official and informal functioning, the in-house spirit specific to each administration, the decision-making processes and their various mechanisms, the different points of entry and contact, etc. For each presentation, we also intend to present the point of view of the decision maker and that of the company or association to highlight the moments, opportunities and reasons to build relationships. Knowing how decisions are made, and knowing who is taking them, is essential to better catch your targets.

Case study

A federation of family businesses wants to get a reduced rate of VAT on its social services, and formally commits to reduce its prices if VAT is lowered, so that the benefits are fully for the end-consumers in need. A training tailor made for this federation and its members enabled them to better understand i) the administrative procedure that could lead to the application of a reduced rate of VAT, ii) how the roles and responsibilities were distributed among the different institutions, iii) what were the key interlocutors in Paris and Brussels that they really had to meet with, and iv) what was the timeline to follow. The two main benefits for them: significant time savings and increased efficiency.