Three mainstream services

Our services focus on three main important needs:

1 Reactive Lobbying

Preventing or modifying any legislation (or regulation) that may have a negative direct or indirect impact on your results and growth, your business, your current and future challenges, the turnover of your customers and / or suppliers, your working environment, etc.

2 Proactive Lobbying

Promoting and lobbying for a supportive legislative or regulatory environment which will boost your revenue growth and benefit your organization one way or another

3 Reputation Building

Building, modifying, improving and maintaining an excellent reputation amongst policymakers in your sector (and beyond), to consolidate your growth and results


At the beginning of each cooperation, we work together to identify very precisely the objectives and results you want to achieve: answering clearly the question “what for?” is the central condition to an appropriate response to the “how?” issue. This seems obvious but many difficulties arise from a not enough sufficiently defined target.

We then develop a strategy according to a realistic timetable, intermediate objectives and means. This strategy is broken down into a series of tactics and messages tailored to the topics, stakeholders and contexts. Indicators make it possible to measure changes and identify possible obstacles. If necessary, they facilitate the development of alternative solutions to catch the expected end-result.

Once all this has been achieved, we support you in monitoring and ensuring that relationships developed with public authorities continue to benefit your organization, even outside a contractual framework with Influences & Reputation.


Influences & Reputation offers your company or NGO various high-quality services, all tailor-made and to be implemented on the basis of your own criteria, objectives and budget(s). The ultimate purpose: optimizing your relationships with decision-makers to consolidate you business, increase your turnover, and nurture the growth of your activity.

Information & Training

In order to better reach your goal(s) and before initiating any relationship with public authorities, you must be able to understand your interlocutors and your legislative / regulatory environment.

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Stakeholder Mapping

Saint Exupéry once said: “man is a knot of relations“. He is thus immersed, voluntarily or involuntarily, in a multitude of environments where each member has, directly and indirectly, an influence over him.

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Political and Legislative Monitoring

Reducing uncertainty (which is a huge vulnerability factor) is a key issue for every stakeholder. Obtaining information on a given subject is therefore crucial, especially in a strong competitive world where it is better to obtain this information before the others.

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Reputation Building

Reputation is what policymakers say about you when you are no longer in the room. And this is as important as the monitoring exercise: your turnover can benefit or suffer from it.

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Networks, Coalitions and Third-Parties

In terms of public affairs and influence, the moto “one is never better served than by himself” can sometimes prove irrelevant and false. This is at least the conviction of our firm.

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Business handshake and business people. Business concept.

Reactive Lobbying

From a quantitative point of view, the work of public decision-makers is rarely interrupted. In France alone, on average, more than 16,000 amendments are tabled in the Parliament each year, and more than 55 new voted laws are issued.

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Proactive Lobbying

The earlier a stakeholder intervenes in the legislative or decision-making process, the higher the probability of success. If nothing has been publicly outed, policymakers can indeed rather easily change their positions without taking the risk of losing face.

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