An experience in all areas which are public affairs related

Influences & Reputation is at the crossroad of three different career paths, enabling each of you to leverage the most of our experience and expertise.

The founding manager of Influences & Reputation has indeed occupied the three key functions that give access to a precise knowledge of the successful public affairs and reputational techniques.

Former elected city council man in Paris, he was a public decision-maker. Contacted by any type of organization and individual, immersed in (not always visible) political arbitrations, he rubbed shoulders behind the scenes and shared the daily work, the motivations and the constraints of those who make public decisions. This very specific state of mind, our firm knows it well!

He has also been a senior consultant in France and Brussels for many companies and NGOs. Supporting and advising industry associations, national or international companies, associations, etc., he has regularly adapted to the great diversity of issues, objectives and corporate cultures. In particular, he saw how sincerity, trust and independence of mind were crucial for the success of his clients. The consulting world, our firm knows it well!

The manager of Influences & Reputation was also head of public affairs for a multinational, after various functions in the corporate world. His career has many faces, which allowed him to work in a multitude of environments and states of mind. He therefore very sensitive to what constitutes the tacit identity of the company: the inner workings having a strong impact on the decisions, the sensitivity of the cooperation between services and the cohesion between the teams, the importance of internal communication, the growth objective and the importance of returns on investment, etc. Companies and the in-house business world, our firm knows it well!


Finally, Influences & Reputation has a good knowledge of the associative environment, their way of working, the astonishing articulation between NGOs’ limited means and the colossal energy which is deployed.

With the learnings and experience of all these environments, Influences & Reputation brings to you an incredible set of assets, to increase the likelihood of succcess. And this does result in a number of skills:

  • importance of collective work
  • agility and flexibility
  • adaptability
  • sense of responsibility and priorities
  • respect of everyone’s identity
  • creativity
  • quest for excellence, including in details
  • human and political sensitivity
  • reactivity
  • tenacity and perseverance in difficult times

A philosophy:

getting inspired also from change management techniques

Influences & Reputation is very interested in change management methods. We consider that several tools used in these techniques can be adapted to your ambitions and our missions.

Educational and awareness attitudes of all stakeholders, in a limited period of time and with identified constraints, is one example amongst many. Some others could be: triggering the desire for change; knowing how to put in place appropriate evaluation; rejecting works in silos; etc.

At the intersection of many disciplines (e.g. politics, negotiation and diplomacy, communication, law, innovation, management), our job is made of human relations. We cannot afford to ignore what other sectors bring.

Our core values… which are also strengths

Whatever your goals, we are always working in a way that respects both your environment and the values that are our strengths and that have set our identity in stone.


We are not part of any particular « school of thought ». This freedom is one of our strengths: it offers the objectivity and sincerity, cornerstone of our relations. Because of that, we are able to defend your company or NGO with the most relevant and appropriate services and advice.

Intellectual honesty

Our work can only be conceived as based on intellectual honesty. A mutually beneficial relationship, especially with public authorities, is built on transparency, with a strong mutual trust, and on the denial of any approximation or manipulation. All this opens doors to solutions…


Excellence is not only a result, it is also the irreproachable way everyone strives to achieve it. On your side, we do not want to leave anything to luck or improvisation, be it the monitoring, an email, a meeting request or the drafting of an argument. The detail too is important and often makes the difference.

Agility and creativity

Public authorities are more and more contacted, and the perception of time is getting faster: making the difference is consequently at stake. Having worked in several demanding and ultra-competitive environments, we have developed two essential values for the success of your initiatives: agility and creativity. Get out of the ordinary while respecting the codes, opting for the original without shocking, developing unusual solutions while maintaining the respect of our interlocutors… In other words: be agile, adapt and keep convincing!

Respect of differences

Depending on everyone’s perspective, the relation to truth is different. Our firm takes this into account in all interactions: each point of view has its value and must be respected. In addition, interests may be different but the objectives actually the same. And this strongly connected to the importance of collective work. A rugby team can only win if all the players care of the others. And the whole is a guarantee of success.

Respect of identities

Influences & Reputation is convinced that the strength of a company, an association or a region lies (first?) in its identity. This asset is not explicitely into an accounting balance sheet, but it makes the difference and contributes to economic and social growth. We want to respect each of your own identities and, if necessary, protect it: discussing with public authorities also means cultivating with others what defines you : your roots, your ethic, your way of seeing the world, your collective ambition and your values.

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