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Ludovic Espitalier-Noël has always been deeply interested in public debates, especially from the 1992 Maastricht Treaty. Since then, he has been constantly scrutinizing the impact of politics on companies.

He first worked in an investment bank, a stock-broker and then an important French cooperative bank. In parallel, he was elected city council man in Paris, and an active member of the Alliance with Christians in Politics (ACEP). After this political experience, he worked in one of the most impactful international public affairs consultancy in Brussels, where he advised a large number of companies (of all sizes), industry associations and NGOs, in France and Belgium. Having led his clients through various legislative wins and having contributed to the improvement of their reputation, he was then recruited by an American multinational. He led their public affairs practice in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Luxembourg.

Ludovic holds a Master’s degree in Management (Paris Dauphine University) and a Master’s in Lobbying and European Relations (Paris Catholic Institute). He also graduated in European Competition Law (King’s College London). He is today one of the experts active at the Rennes Political Science Institute.

He always appreciate being involved in volunteering: beyond ACEP, he was also an associate Board Member of DLF Brussels (Defense of the French Language). He is currently Treasurer and Board Member of the Association France – Maurice as well as Reserve Officer in the French Navy. He also holds the Medal of the City of Paris.

Amateur piano player, he is the author of novels and of an original political book: “The French Presidential 2012 Elections in daily quotes“.

Ludovic Espitalier-Noël

Depending on the requirements and specificities of each dossier, Influences & Reputation works with several consultants operating in various fields: lobbying, public affairs, communication, press, etc. Everyone is an expert in each area, which brings much more added-value to your case.


the four requirements of Influences & Réputation

Our job is all around influence and reputation building. It can not be effectively exercised without any robust ethics. Industry experts continue to emphasize this. Public affairs consultants have in particular developed their own self-regulation long before public decision makers (French or European) decided to impose their own rules of transparency.

Ethics, for Influences & Réputation, is based on four essential requirements:


We refuse to work simultaneously for competing companies, or to have a role (even a volunteer one) in any organisation that may be involved in one of our current files. We also refuse to be remunerated by any structure in the public sphere, regardless of the level (cabinet, parliamentary cabinet, etc.). We refuse to hire a colleague who still has a contractual relationship with a public decision-maker at the same time. We also refuse to allow our firm’s staff to be elected at national or European level. For any local mandate, we ensure that no relevant conflict of interest can be involved in his / her electoral district.

We do not hide the identity of our customers, and we keep the source of our data / arguments available to those we meet with. Our firm is also identified in various registers set up by the French authorities, in particular the High Authority for Transparency (HATVP).

We believe that the best way to work with public authorities is to present them your arguments and points of view, without any artifice, or lie, or cover-up. We prefer to alledge our ignorance on a given aspect rather than communicating false information.

We do not want policymakers, among others, to be paid by our firm, in one way or another. We also attach the utmost importance to the confidentiality of the information that is transmitted to us and to the files which we are responsible for. We also commit ourselves to respect any rule emanating from public authorities and structures, whatever the context.

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