A very old business

Communication has been existed for centuries and has undergone many changes in terms of objectives, forms, channels, targets, time management, etc. Today, it is an increasingly diverse business: internal coms, with future employees, with donors and volunteers, with investors, with competitors, within a professional structure, with partners, etc.

An often partial business

But very often, another aspect is forgotten by companies (SMEs, self-employed, large groups) and associations: communication with public authorities. The latter are constantly shaping the legislative and regulatory environment in which we all operate! How can we ignore the fact that France, for instance, has on average more than one new law per week, and that the EU policymakers vote a new legislative text every two days? How can we ignore the fact that these laws and regulations are increasingly cross-referenced? The impact on economic and social stakeholders is colossal, positively and negatively.

Communicating with policymakers

However, this type of communication with elected officials and administrations, also known as lobbying, has also existed for centuries (hanses, guilds, corporations, etc.). An activity only found in democratic societies, it consists of entering into relations with public authorities in order to contribute to their thinking and bring them some expertise, a point of view. The objective is either to defend or promote interests. Anyone can lobby: companies, parents’ associations, environmental associations, NGOs… and sometimes the public authorities themselves! As long as this activity is transparent and on a sound basis, it is essential to the proper functioning of our democracy: everyone must be able to express, promote and defend its interests. And combining basic communication with lobbying is an excellent mix !

Leverage lobbying to better reach your goals

Is communicating without taking into account those who regulate us, or those who regulate our partners, investors, competitors, future employees, a real and efficient communication? Communicating without getting in touch with elected officials and administrations, is it really strong and enough to protect our turnover?

Article written after a lecture given in November 2019 to Club Bretagne Communication 35

Ludovic Espitalier-Noël www.influences-reputation.com