Two studies recently mentioned in the monthly Eco-Réseau caught our attention. The first, carried out by CCI France, focused on the relationship between business leaders and mayors. The second, carried out by Cadremploi, examined the way in which managers manage time. The two themes may seem very distant from each other. But we can draw a useful lesson for the development of companies.

Relations with mayors and time management

The CCI study shows that 59% of business leaders do not feel they are heard enough by the mayor of their municipality, and 53% even regret that their word is not taken into account. Only 11% wish to dedicate time locally or are already doing so. The study is only in relation to mayors here, but the percentage of business leaders who feel that they are not listened to may well be dramatically higher if we look at parliamentarians or even European public authorities (yet a source many texts)!

Cadremploi, for its part, stresses that according to specialists, regulation is the first factor requiring the evolution of managerial jobs and a new approach in relation to working time. However, with on average more than one new law voted in France per week and a European text voted every two days, regulations will certainly increase their impact on businesses! The time spent on this time management is ultimately stolen from the business itself.

Business leaders consider the impact of public authorities is strong

A dialogue that is not sufficiently developed … Interests not sufficiently taken into account … The significant impact of regulation on time management … These two studies clearly demonstrate to what extent public authorities have a strong influence on business leaders, and therefore on the economic life. Elected officials (whether local or not) and administrations indeed shape the economic and social environment in which we all live. Business leaders themselves say it!

Lobbying meets real needs

In this context, lobbying and consultancy work around public authorities relations therefore meet real needs:

  • Allowing business leaders to be heard, and ensuring their issues are really taken into account
  • Freeing up time for these same leaders so that they can focus on their core business
  • Facilitating adaptability by co-constructing the legislative and regulatory environment with elected officials and the administration

Therefore, do not hesitate: the return on investment is very rarely disappointing!

Benefits also for out regions’ attractiveness

In addition, a better dialogue with public authorities, be it from self-employed, SMEs and mid-caps, contributes to improving competitiveness and the region’ branding. For many business leaders surveyed by CCI France, these two aspects are also determining factors for the development of their activity.

Ludovic Espitalier-Noël.

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