Now I know: politicians and government officials can really help me increase my turnover!

For several years, La Clefferie did not pay any attention to wind turbines . For this company, established in Jura (East of France), environment and energy issues are very far away of its core business: creating and manufacturing specific keys to ensure access to strategic buildings and private buildings welcoming some public.

It is with indifference that La Clefferie saw the number of wind turbines installed in France and in Europe grow tremendously. France currently accounts for about 1,800 sites (excluding seas and oceans), i.e. a connected capacity of 15,100 MW. This exponential growth has led to an unprecedented material and logistical problem: it became increasingly difficult to move from a turbine to another in possession of dozens of keys, let aside the time lost to the key corresponding to its lock!

To adapt to and better take into account the security constraints related to access to wind turbines, the French Environment Ministry initiated an internal reflection: what measures have to be implemented in order to facilitate the access to each of the structures while guaranteeing optimal security ?Offshore wind was left out, due to its specificity.

Initially, without any technical expertise in this area, the Ministry is only considering a ban on traditional keys the mandatory implementation of electronic devices, as is already the case in a large number of hotels.

Even if La Clefferie has never ever discussed with any Environment Ministry, it nevertheless perceived a commercial opportunity. It contacted the elected officials in charge of the case. During their bilateral discussions, La Clefferie realised its expertise was providing a real added-value to public authorities internal thinking since the latter had obviously no experience nor control over an activity which was not theirs. The authorities understood that new forms of cybercrime and electronic hacking required more tailored rules than a simple key substitution. La Clefferie also told them that the proposed text was unlikely to be consistent with some articles of the Network and Informative Systems Directive.

This resulted in a decree signed by the Environnement Minister and the Interior Affairs Minister. A transition period was planned, and now access to wind turbines devices complies with the the most pragmatic and secure technological criteria. The French authorities have greatly benefited from the contributions of La Clefferie, which has also obtained a significant benefit : its patented system was tested in 25% of the French wind farms, before generalization.

For the company, this unprecedented cooperation with the Environnement Ministry (and which prima facie had no sense) has materialized in an increase in earnings of about 10% per year. In addition, it reinforced the credibility and legitimacy of La Clefferie at offering its services in France and Europe: the expertise itself is approved by the State services, which replaces many marketing campaigns. In the partnership, everyone emerged as a winner!

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