I would have never thought I would have been able to win over strong and much larger groups: I own a small industry. Actually, all is not about the money you spend!

With 15 employees, InduBati is an industry mainly working in the west of France. It has created an innovative tool for predicting the wear of public buildings, which enables its clientele to reduce premiums paid to insurers. The same technology offers other major economies since the company also helps clients anticipate structural repairs.

Yet, despite its innovation, the results of the company do increase very slowly, and the number of customers has stagnated rather quickly. InduBati identified the main cause : it did not win any public tender. Only big groups won them. It explains this situation by its small size, the difficult achievement of economies of scale as well as a human and logistical difficulty to answer all the calls for tenders, month after month.

InduBati is resigned and fatalistic  Its name is not really known out there, its resources are limited compared to many others. Nevertheless, to ensure it did not neglect any lead to improve the situation, its managers an expert in public affairs. And contrary to what they had thought, he asked for a fee much lower than they had anticipated and suggested that they should try to amend the French law so that, in matters of insurance of public buildings, a minimum percentage of contracts are reserved for SMEs.

After some work done for about ten months, the Public Calls Code is modified by the Parliament and the Government: 20% of insurance contracts for public buildings are now reserved to regional SMEs. By devoting a small budget, InduBati did manage to get, despite obvioulsy strong opposition from large groups.

Since then, InduBati ‘s profit has grown by 27% and the number of its customers by 24%. The company is now convinced that the essential element to bear in mind is not the budget spent but the way of acting and being.

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